#BroThoughts: The Walking Dead, “The Distance”


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead picked up steam, which is good considering the less-than-enthralling narrative of the past two. Before we go any further, let me just throw it out there that THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 5 EPISODE “THE DISTANCE” SO QUIT READING IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET. Now that we’ve got all the disclaimer stuff out of the way let’s delve straight into the #BroThoughts.

Like many viewers of The Walking Dead I’m a big fan of the comics, so Aaron’s introduction into the series is one I’ve highly anticipated. Last night’s episode did not disappoint in the slightest. Aaron is viewed by apprehension-bordering-on-paranoia by Rick, and his skepticism led to him punching Aaron soon after the two first met. After strong coercing by many of the survivors, namely Michonne, Rick reluctantly agrees to venture out to the Alexandria Safe Zone. The group’s past excursions into Woodbury and Terminus have caused Rick to grow cautious, yet the optimism radiating from his compatriots ultimately alters his perception. That’s the mark of a good leader folks, and Rick’s stating “Just because we’re good people doesn’t mean we won’t kill you” sums up my feelings on the #Ricktatorship perfectly.

The #Ricktatorship goes HARD
The #Ricktatorship goes HARD

When the #Ricktatorship has either a clear and present threat or goal the narrative seems to flow much better. Last week’s episode had me wondering if they were going to fall into the cyclical narrative which dominated much of Season 2, however Aaron’s appearance allowed those notions to quickly dissipate. One of the most important things this episode showcased was the tremendous respect shared between Rick and his family. He barked out orders to multiple members of the group and all of them adhered to them without hesitation. That being said, when any of the members disagreed with his actions or decisions, they felt the ability to speak up without hesitation. Showing how much the relationships have evolved over the course of five seasons while throwing in subtle nods to the past (references to Dale!) made for a bit of fan service while also lending toward the narrative with Aaron.

The episode was full of push and pull between Rick and his group, with Rick ultimately deciding to go to the safe zone. They attempt to do so at night with Rick, Glenn and Michonne transporting a hands-tied Aaron to his community via a route suggested by Rick. When they do so, Michonne questions Aaron as to why he supplied photos of the community lacking people, and his obviously-full-of-bull response heightens everyone’s suspicious. She also asks Aaron the “questions” which raised even more suspicions. Following a particularly blood plowing through a road full of walkers, Rick and his road mates are able to reunite with the rest of the group, and Aaron is able to reunite with his partner, Eric. Both of them are pivotal characters in the comics, and it’ll be interesting to see how the #Ricktatorship’s introduction into the Alexandria Safe Zone will be handled in the show.

Aaron's answers didn't win anyone over
Aaron’s answers didn’t win anyone over

The Walking Dead is a show which has had its fair share of ups and downs, but the vast majority of episodes since the fall of the prison have been done exceptionally well. While it remains to be seen how the next major storyline will be handled, I’m certainly excited at the prospect of the television series picking up on key storylines from the comics. Here’s hoping our group finally gets something good for real this time. Until next time, Bros!


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