#BroThoughts: The Walking Dead, “Them”


Despite my personal disdain for last week’s episode of The Walking Dead I tuned in this week, albeit with apprehension. Considering my long history with the show I thought it only fair to give it a few more chances before distancing myself from it (And there’s no way I’m giving up the comic, anyways). Before the fun continues here on TruBros.com, let me just say: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON FIVE EPISODE “THEM”, SO IF YOU AIN’T SEEN IT THEN QUIT READING. Now that all the warnings are out of the way, let’s get straight to the #BroThoughts.

This episode was quiet and allowed our heroes to deal with the deaths of both Beth and Tyrese. Couple this with the fact supplies-and conversely, spirits and minds-were running low throughout the episode, and this was a trying time for our Survivors, even if the interactions with the undead were only second fiddle. This show has always thrived when we’re reminded of the human side of our protagonists. Although, I believe the plot point was needlessly forced (See: review of last episode) the interactions between the Survivors were done well and served to further the bond between them.

However, while I spent a majority of this episode on the couch a bit indifferent, there were two scenes in particular which had me hop up. The first of which was Rick’s speech in which he exclaimed “We are the walking dead.” This was a pivotal speech in the comics and the weight of it was not at all lost during the show. Rick has a tremendous bond with each of the survivors and although his outlook at times appears bleak, he does everything he can to protect his extensive family. That was a powerful moment, and Daryl’s action to it was on point.

The second moment was Aaron introducing himself to Maggie and Sasha (Which for the record, we totally need to see more of. Sasha hasn’t had enough time to develop her character). Aaron is a tremendously important character from the comics, and you can trust your Bro here won’t give you any spoilers from the comics. However, let’s just say his character serves as the introduction of a whole new era for the #Ricktatorship, and although things are always subject to change on the show, I’m excited to see where our heroes go from here. That being said, in the comics Aaron’s introduction serves as the beginning to what I deem the best arc The Walking Dead has done thus far, and I’m a bit apprehensive regarding how the show will handle it.

For this Bro, this week’s episode did a bit to rehab the mishandling of last week’s narrative. It was quiet, showed our heroes together coping with the loss of two prominent characters while struggling to deal with the reality of their situation. This episode appeared to serve as a bit of a precursor for next week, as we know Aaron certainly brings more questions with him than answers. For the record, your Bro would not be drinking water found randomly in the middle of the road with a mysterious note on it. Until next time, Bros!


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