#BroThoughts The Walking Dead’s RETURN!


Season Five of #TheWalkingDead has just begun and your boy is here to hit you with the #BroThoughts on the matter. Before we get any further let me just say: THIS POST HAS A BUNCH OF SPOILERS FROM THE WALKING DEAD SEASON FIVE EPISODE “WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT’S GOING ON”, so quit reading if you haven’t seen it! Now that all the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s hop to it.

Stolen from twitter.com/WalkingDead_AMC
Stolen from twitter.com/WalkingDead_AMC

If you’ve seen our pictures and read our posts, you can tell the Bros are big fans of #TheWalkingDead. Like any other show it has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, but for the first time they absolutely, positively screwed up. Since the fall of the prison the storytelling in the show has been phenomenoal. The pacing has been exquisite, relationships were allowed to build and character development has been a huge focus of the narrative. Couple this with clear and tangible goals (reuniting and then rescuing Beth) and the show had been heading in a fantastic direction.

However, tonight’s episode was bad. For once, the death of a character-an event which has been conveyed thus far with appropriate gravity-was wasted. We as viewers grow attached to our characters, and while it’s never easy to see one of them become dinner for a walker or target practice, we ultimately understand the need for this to happen. That being said, viewers were undoubtedly still reeling from Beth’s death in the mid-season finale, right? So WHY open with another character-who was just beginning to grow into his own-die? We don’t watch this show to see our people die. We watch this for entertainment, and it’s not entertaining to see characters you like die all the time.

Took this from twitter.com/WalkingDead_AMC
Took this from twitter.com/WalkingDead_AMC

It seemed like a cheap way of advancing the narrative and provide an element of “shock value” to the show, but considering the subject matter and overall tone of the series this seems entirely unwarranted. The Bros are fans of good stories and exceptional storytelling, and considering the roll The Walking Dead had been on this seems like a tremendous miscue. I’ve personally watched this show every single Sunday since it premiered on Halloween a few years back, and for the first time I’m not looking forward to next Sunday.

As usual, these are merely the #BroThoughts of a single Bro. These sentiments may not be shared by the majority and our thoughts could be completely off.  The execution of Tyreese’s death was done well. Getting insight into the character’s mind after getting bit was an interesting change of pace. A great deal was done well in this episode, but what effect will it have on the narrative at large?  All I know is, next Sunday night I won’t be counting down the hours until The Walking Dead’s latest episode premieres. I’m hoping the producers and writers of the show haven’t gotten too arrogant. They need to remember the significance of storytelling, pacing and their characters. This is a show-perhaps more than any other on television-where we as viewers want our guys to win. Here’s hoping the talented creative minds behind The Walking Dead have something big up their sleeve, because right now the outlook is up in the air. Until next time, Bros.


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