#BroThoughts: Done With Destiny


As the Holiday season rapidly draws near I’ve already received a big fat lump of coal from the folks over at Bungie. I’ve spent approximately 240 hours thus far pushing back the darkness in Destiny and I’ve developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with the game, as I’m sure many of my fellow #Guardians have. I’ve fired up the game nearly every day since launch in an effort to farm materials and enjoy the stellar gameplay. I eagerly bought the expansion pack and vehemently defended the changes as they’ve been implemented because I believed they would lead to a more cohesive and enjoyable experience. I requested time off from work to enjoy The Dark Below with the rest of the TruBros clan, and we planned to become the first clan in the world to tackle Crota.

Due to a litany of issues, our plans had to be amended and we were unable to defile Crota at launch. That being said, I still rushed home in order to play through the new story missions and see the changes implemented regarding gear upgrades.   I’ve gone through both raids, done as many daily story missions as I’m able and always plow through the Weekly and Nightfall strikes. I’m a level 31 warlock who can’t hit 32 because of a lack of Radiant Materials. I devoted a substantial amount of time to Destiny, and while my Ascendant Materials cache is never filled to the brim (unlike my Motes of Light stock) I’ve always been able to upgrade any weapons or armor I’m lucky enough to come across.  A new currency system has been implemented for Raid gear and I’m as furious as one can be over a video game. It took me 170 hours to reach 30, and since Raid gear is the only viable option to hit 32 (as Iron Banner, Vanguard and Crucible gear only go up to 31. The Iron Banner was the only way I was able to hit 30 in the first place) I’m stuck. I’m #DoneWithDestiny.

I read and tweeted a fantastic article yesterday, the link of which can be found here: https://games.yahoo.com/news/destinys-dark-below-expansion-punishes-171002860.html

It lays out the problems brought forth by the The Dark Below and the new radiant/raid form of currency. Due to the comprehensiveness of the article I will not regurgitate the same complaints; I’ll merely give you the #BroThoughts on the whole ordeal.

I defended the need to re-level exotic guns-it appeared to me if you were to receive a new exotic you’d have to go through the upgrade process due to increase in damage anyway. However Bungie was kind and allowed us to ‘reset’ our exotic weapons to ensure they stayed competitive. I was curious to see how they’d appease longtime players versus newbies, however. Example: If I used Suros Regime for the past few months, odds are I’d have taken the time and used the materials to max it out. If I had never played Destiny and just began after The Dark Below and picked up Suros, I’d have an advantage over the longtime player because my “new” Suros would have a higher base and max damage. Bungie said they’d combat this for longtime players, and what was their avenue for appeasement? A BIG. FAT. NOTHING.

Longtime players have to pay approximately 1/3 of their max glimmer to reset the gun and then have to go through the entire upgrade process again, which in turn costs more glimmer and materials. So you have to spend nearly a third of your max glimmer in order to have the opportunity to spend more glimmer to upgrade the weapon, not to mention the massive time commitment it takes to fully upgrade a piece of gear. That’s a jip-new players who got the same exotic weapon would be able to level the weapon as normal, and I’d have to farm glimmer for the better part of the week just to be able to afford the reset when Xur’s at the tower, which is really only for two days a week for those of us in the good ol’ U.S. of A. If Bungie had tacked on an additional column or two of upgrades for Exotic gear in order to ensure they stayed useful, I’d of completely understand. If the same gear took half as long to re-upgrade, I’d understand. However, they’ve punished those who took time leveling their old gear.

Considering I have to waste all my marks on Vanguard/Crucible gear due to an inability to be competitive with Raid gear since I can’t level them up without Radiant materials, I don’t have time to farm glimmer. Nor do I’ve the desire to. The Bros work, we have lives-even if I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay of Destiny, I still have to play the same handful of missions over. And over. And over. I looked forward to The Dark Below with great excitement, but with only a few new Crucible maps (I’m not one for PvP unless I need to complete the bounties) ONE strike, ONE raid and a handful of story missions, I’m beginning to regret the continued monetary investment I made in Destiny. Plus one random complaint-MAKE THE RAIDS SUITABLE FOR FIVE PEOPLE. Six is just a weird number.

Am I completely done with this game? Probably not. A number of those in the TruBros clan still play it substantially, and if they need help in the Raid or in the Weekly Strikes there’s no way your boy Merlin Chico is going to leave them hanging. That’s not what a Bro does. But gameplay, no matter how near perfect-and Destiny’s mechanics are pretty slick-can only keep me invested for so long. I’ve spent many hours in this game and it’s a true travesty I won’t be able to get a refund for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, but you live and you learn. I won’t look forward to firing up Destiny every time I come home like I used to after last night, because I don’t like being punished for the time I’ve invested.

This is the #BroThoughts of only one half of the Bros, but I’ve got to say: you’ve let me down, Bungie. I trusted your pedigree and was one of ,within my clan, the most adamant supporters of all your changes. I gave them all a fair shake, but I feel like my time has been devalued and marginalized. I don’t want something for free-if I want my gear to stay competitive I expect to have to work for it (even if your definition of work is “grind”). But you’ve pigeonholed me so I can’t upgrade my gear without running the raid multiple times with multiple characters, and there’s a difference between something being a challenge and being tedious. Fix the currency system, allow me to actually upgrade my Raid gear, don’t punish me for spending time grinding out upgrades, add more than a few story missions, one strike and one raid to the next DLC-better yet, just stick with the suggestions laid out in the aforementioned article. Then maybe you’ll draw me back into the world. Until then, this Bro is #DoneWithDestiny.


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