#BroThoughts: Flash Vs. Arrow Part II


Last night was the le-gen-dary conclusion of the two-part crossover event featuring Arrow and The Flash and it did NOT disappoint in the slightest. Your Bro is here to give you the #BroThoughts on the crossover and its potential impact across the DC television universe, so in case you didn’t know…THIS POST HAS SPOILERS SO QUIT READING IF YOU AIN’T SEEN THE ARROW/FLASH CROSSOVER. The second part of the crossover featured #TeamFlash (Cisco, Barry and Caitlin) venturing into Starling City to see the ‘Arrow Cave’ and help apprehend Captain Boomerang. #TeamFlash being exposed to the way things happen in Starling City seemed to impact each of the characters tremendously, and it appears this will have a substantial impact on both teams as their respective series progress.

The first adrenaline rush of the episode was when the #MegaBro Diggs and Lila strolled through A.R.G.U.S when Captain Boomerang (Still one of the weakest names no matter how many times I say or type it) starts going to town. Lila ordered for the crazy boomerang-man to be put down so naturally he’s out for revenge. When all hell starts breaking loose the #Bros Arrow and Arsenal come in to throw down but things weren’t going their way-until Flash showed up. Captain Boomerang hightails it and #TeamFlash and #TeamArrow pair up to gather information and hunt down the baddie.

photo credit: http://www.sheknows.com

The #Bros Arrow and Flash go to gather information on the whereabouts of the Boomerang and this is where things got interesting. In order to extract information Arrow resorted to his typical tactic of fear/torture and this appalled Barry. This served as the first of many juxtapositions between the atmospheres of both shows-whereas Flash is lighthearted, Arrow is significantly darker and grittier. #TeamArrow carries a certain weight with all of their actions, and the Starling City Vigilante’s penchant for torture and murder is significantly at odds with the more subdued actions of Flash. #TeamFlash locks all of the meta-humans they catch in a prison, and while #TeamArrow attempts to do the same, they’ve racked up a significant body count over the show’s three seasons.

There were multiple instances throughout the show where the two teams interacted and the stark difference in tone between both sets of characters was readily apparent. Cisco spoke of #TeamArrow with much the same lionization Barry did when his character was first introduced. The air of reverence permeated throughout the ‘Arrow Cave’ and carried on for the better part of the episode. It wasn’t until Lila’s life was in jeopardy after sustaining a particular nasty hit from a boomerang in the ‘Arrow Cave’ that the members of #TeamFlash realized the stakes of #TeamArrow’s crucible. This led to a set of interesting discussions between all members of both teams, and your Bro believes these conversations are going to lead to changes in both series (although just slightly).

Photo credit: http://www.tvline.com

There was a scene where Cisco and Caitlin were at Verdant with Roy and Felicity discussing how both teams were coping with Lila’s life in peril. Cisco mentioned the fact that having #TeamFlash chasing down meta-humans made the entire situation feel ‘less real’; this is a poignant commentary on the atmosphere of both series. Whereas the world of Arrow is steeped in corruption, realism, pain and suffering, The Flash and Central City are engulfed by people with superpowers. The introduction of said characters into the world of Arrow is going to inevitably have a pronounced effect on our heroes of Starling City. A.R.G.U.S and #TeamArrow thus far have chased down some sick and twisted individuals; however all of them were human beings with a wealth of tools and messed-up minds. What does the introduction of people like Barry-who are essentially unstoppable-mean for the future of Starling City? The teaser for next week’s mid-season finale showed Oliver will duel with Ra’s Al Ghul-how can a mortal beat a man who essentially doesn’t die?

The introduction of meta-humans is tremendous for the world of Arrow and #TeamFlash coming to realize what’s at risk by virtue of their actions steeps The Flash in reality. Perhaps after seeing Arrow’s methods up-close and Oliver’s commitment to doing what needs to be done, #TeamFlash will begin to act with more caution, or perhaps even agree with the actions of Dr. Wells (who knows what’s up that guy’s sleeve by the way). Seeing danger and harm come to a loved one has yet to happen to a member of #TeamFlash as a result of their helping the citizens of Central City (come on, Barry was a kid when the stuff happened with his mom and nothing has really happened during his tenure as the Flash). This is a result which has unfortunately occurred all too often to the members of #TeamArrow, and Oliver’s message regarding the severity and gravity of Barry’s actions seems to have finally sunk in.

Photo credit: http://www.hypable.com

Oliver has served as a mentor for Barry since his character’s introduction, going so far as to tell Barry he could inspire people in a way the Arrow never could. While that particular statement never rang true for fans of Arrow it’s obvious it weighs on the mind of the show’s central character. Toward the end of last night’s episode Barry reminded the Arrow who he is: a hero who does everything in his power to protect the citizens of Starling. Oliver originally dedicated himself to his crusade in order to atone for his father’s sins, but he has become a symbol for good, one that resonated with Barry and undoubtedly does so with the citizens of both fictional cities. While the brutality of the Arrow’s actions cannot be denied, they are done in an effort to keep people safe, and perhaps Oliver needed to hear that from the fastest man alive to pound the point home.

The impact of Flash vs. Arrow more than likely won’t be determined until both shows return in the spring. However, with Flash squaring off against whichever Reverse Flash shows up and Arrow going up against the head of the League of Assassins, viewers will have a definite treat to tide them over during the winter break next week. The #Flarrow crossover certainly did not disappoint fans of either series and seemed to lay the groundwork for changes for the members of each team. Whatever direction both series take, you can bet I’ll be tuning in, and I’ll certainly be in those panels come next SDCC!


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