#BroThoughts: Flash Vs. Arrow Part I


Last night was part one of the highly anticipated “Flash vs. Arrow” crossover on the CW and it did not disappoint! Just so you know: THIS POST CONTAINS A BUNCH OF SPOILERS FOR LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE OF THE FLASH. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s hit you with the #BroThoughts on the crossover and The Flash in general, since I know the Bros have never discussed this awesome new show.

From @CW_Arrow Twitter

Neither of the Bros had ever ventured into the DC Comics television realm until we took on San Diego Comic-Con International this past year. After sitting through a thoroughly entertaining panel with the one and only John Barrowman, I decided to immerse myself in the world of Arrow. I’d been a big fan of Barrowman following his appearances in Doctor Who and Torchwood and figured if he was in a new show, it had to be good. The Bros have never really been into the world of DC Comics (But come on now, who doesn’t love Batman?) but figured Arrow would serve as a great jumping off point. Since there was so much hype for The Flash at #SDCC2014 I knew I’d have to check the show out the day it premiered.

Unlike it’s (In one Bros’ opinion) much more bad a** counterpart Arrow, The Flash is very lighthearted. Gustin’s performance as the titular character is fun and engaging. The enthusiasm with which Barry regards the idea of being the Flash is a welcome breath of fresh air, considering the dark and broody atmosphere most ‘super hero’ material has carried since Batman Begins was released. The Flash is a show one can always depend on for laughs, and the complex over-arching storylines regarding the death of Barry’s mother and the role of Dr. Wells serve as interesting frames for the narrative. While at times the storylines are a bit predictable (A downfall Arrow and so many other shows experience) it does not detract from the atmosphere. Thus far The Flash has been a resounding win for the CW and the Bros are hopeful (considering the network’s history with Arrow) the show will continue to age like wine.

The first big game-changing event to occur on The Flash was last night’s crossover with Arrow. While Barry is chasing down a baddie, the Starling city vigilante popped in to give him an assist and it was easily one of the slickest intros the Arrow has ever made. Mr. Queen took it upon himself to train the relatively inexperienced Barry and the Flash defended his Bro despite the objections raised by Dr. Wells and Detective West. Both of Barry’s father figures referencing Arrow’s body count was a solid point in their argument against him, and seeing the admiration from both Barry and Cisco while discussing Oliver was a great contrast. While the #HeroBros weren’t able to bring in their target due to The Flash undergoing some nasty meta-human business (aka being ‘whammayed’), we’re hopeful during part two tonight the Bros will be able to bring him in. Let me just say: I AIN’T HAPPY PEOPLE KEEP LEARNING ARROW’S SECRET IDENTITY-but all of #TeamFlash now know who spends his nights as the Starling City Vigilante.


The real gem of the entire crossover was the interaction of #TeamArrow in Central City. There’s no denying there’s a stark contrast in tone of both series; something that’s made blatantly evident when both sets of characters are juxtaposed with one another. The dark and serious atmosphere #TeamArrow carries was lightened by the very nature of their being around #TeamFlash, and this produced more than a few ‘lol’ moments from your Bro here. Arrow has the occasional funny remark courtesy of Diggs or the oh-so-dreamy Felicity, but tossing them both in with Cisco, Barry and Joe was fantastic. The fight scene between a ‘whammyed’ Flash and a determined Arrow was just icing on the cake and served as a solid ending before the inevitable #BroReunion.

Now your Bro here don’t claim to be an expert in the realm of DC Comics but I know a little something. Oliver’s quick meet with his ex in the coffee shop seemed to reiterate the idea there’s a little Mr. Queen running around, so naturally I immediately assumed Conner Hawke is off ‘arrowing-up’ somewhere. What does this mean for the future of Arrow? Probably not too much-the kid is young and I certainly don’t expect the anchor of the DC television universe to be biting the dust any time soon (at least he better not). Still, it’s an interesting bit of info and who knows what influence it could have on the Arrow/Flash universe. Could it destroy Oliver’s psyche?! Also-when the heck is the new Black Canary going to show up? And will Caitlin be able to help #TeamArrow get to the bottom of Sara’s death? Who knows-but you can bet this Bro will be tuning in to find out.

Some #swag the TruBros picked up from #SDCC14

The Flash is a lighthearted superhero show with a protagonist who is happy he helps people and in awe of his powers. The concept has solidified DC Comics’ position as the undisputed king of superhero crossovers (at least in the realm of television-Marvel is straight killing the movie side). Part two of the Arrow/Flash crossover is tonight and you know I’ll certainly be tuning in and tweeting up a storm. Now excuse the Bros while we go hit the gym-Barry’s mentioning of Oliver’s workout routine has reminded us that we need to stop sitting around watching all these shows! #FlashVsArrow #Flarrow #TeamArrow


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