The Bros are bringing you something a little different-we’re here to hook you up with the best we can in all things #NerdLife and that encompasses a variety of things. A subject that we consider is not nearly covered enough: #NerdFashion for Bros. There are a plethora of places you can pick up any number of cool threads to represent your fandoms and faves-but without a doubt the most common thing anyone and everyone wears are t-shirts.

T-shirts are a staple of the Bros’ closets just as we’re sure they are for most others-and ours are packed with a litany of various #Nerd shirts. There are tons of retailers who are doing anything and everything in their power to hook you up with some #Swag shirts-ThinkGeek, Teefury, countless national retailers-and many of them are packing some good stuff. However the Bros are picky about how we spend our hard-earned dollars (After all, we are always chasin’ them #Exclusives) and out of all the places we’ve dropped some coin over the years, our absolute favorite has got to be Fangamer.

The Bros were first turned on to Fangamer by a family member a couple years ago and we’ve been hooked since day one. The gear they carry is subtle, classy and printed on some of the softest cotton blends (Provided by multiple manufacturers) we’ve ever felt. While their shirts aren’t as cheap as some other places, you get what you pay for-and that’s some high quality gear. Scope what we received this past weekend:



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polos Elec

As you can tell from the pictures, the stuff is hardcore #Nerd-but it’s subtle and isn’t the kind of thing you’ll find at a big box retailer. It allows you to show your love for all things #VideoGames but to do so in a way that’s understated and you won’t be chastised for being an adult and having clothes covered in various #Gaming characters. The Bros aren’t the youngest guns around and we’ve got to dress in a way that’s mature (somewhat) but still true to our core-and we’re #Nerds at the center of our Zelda-style, pixelated hearts. Speaking of, scope some of the various #LegendOfZelda gear we’ve ordered from Fangamer.



They’ve got shirts and hoodies from tons of franchises, and gear you won’t mind wearing to work on casual Fridays, to the gym or just lounging around during an 8-hour PvP marathon. They’ve also got some prints and posters which look more like #ModernArt than #Gaming swag, which means you can now finally hang up those posters and make your game room come to life. Even their coffee mugs and key chains are #Swag. Scope out our haul:


Fangamer has a lot of #Swag gear, from big gaming franchises like Mario, Zelda and PokeMon, to obscure indie names like FTL and Tower Ascension. Plus, it’s all high quality and super slick. If you’re in the market to show off your affinity for a select retro (or modern) gaming franchise and you want to have a look that’s classy and legit, be sure to check them out. The Bros are here to hook you up with all things #NerdLife and believe it or not that includes #BroFashion. Y’all be sure to keep chasin’ them #Exclusives and be sure to try and pick up all the #VideoGame deals you can on Black Friday!


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