Guardians of the Galaxy Quicky Review


Personally, I actually haven’t been keeping up with the Marvel Studios superhero films. It got to a point where I got overwhelmed with movies to watch and with so many sequels and Easter eggs intertwined between all the films. I found myself a little lost when I finally did get to sit down and watch a film.

Guardians of the Galaxy actually caught my interest. There was something special about it. It could’ve been the “Hooked on a feeling” theme that ran through the commercials or it could’ve been the casting. It was not only those things, but it was a brand new film. It, seemingly, didn’t have a lot of links to the Marvel films before it. It was something I didn’t have to watch another movie before it to get a hint of which some of the characters were. This Guardians of the Galaxy universe looked untouched and that’s was appealed to me the most.


So let’s start off with some of the buzzkills of the film. I honestly don’t have a lot of gripes with the film. There was a scene where the group of Guardians were all in one room discussing plans to retrieve the orb. It didn’t seem that authentic of a discussion and over scripted. It was the only time in the film where I felt the chemistry between the characters was a little off. The scene redeemed itself in the end after Chris Pratt performs his “loser” monologue and the group decides to work as a team. Dave Bautista’s delivery of his lines in the film did catch me off-guard. As a wrestling observer, he’s not a great talker in the business and often stumbles on his words or is awkward with his wording. I began to take in that this is something totally different than a WWE ring and I shouldn’t transfer my judgment on him from the WWE to this movie. His use of big vocabulary and delivery of the lines in the film was something I was very impressed by.

Let’s take a look at the one-ups!

One of the things I think the Marvel Universe was missing was strong females. It was great to see not only Zoe Saldana step up on being a bad-ass, but Karen Gillan as well. Here were two strong females on opposite corners and building drama between one another to finally meet in the middle of the ring. Zoe Saldana has that Star Trek reputation to me of being strong-willed and now the element of fighting comes in to play and she kicks some asses not only in the movie, but visually to a viewer. Saldana is fighting for her own freedom from the Thanos clan as well as the safety of the universe. Saldana’s foe in the film was Karen Gillan and this is an excellent pairing. It eats Gillans character that Saldana is being considered the favorite daughter to Thanos. Gillan is loyal and observant with a hot head and I believed her “daddy issues” and felt for her. I understood why she made the decisions she made when the world was crashing down. She was a heel you could easily secretly root for.

Going in, I was a little concerned about the direction of humor in the film and the leading character being the goofy guy from Parks and Recreation, but it turned out that his type of humor in Parks transferred over really well to the big screen. He was still goofy, but toned down and now the wittiest guy in the in this Guardians crew. Pratt’s performance went over really well as a leader and effective on his comedic come-backs.

I’m keeping this post short, but there were tons for one-ups I had with the film from the 80’s references, its visual appeal, the unique creation of misfits, Lloyd Kaufman’s cameo, and so much more. Overall, this is a movie worth taking your time and watching. It’s easily one of the best Marvel films to be produced. At this time of this posting it has grossed $184 million with an 8.8 rating from IMDB.


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