San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up, Day 4: Sunday-THE FINAL DAY


We are one-week removed from the final day of SDCC 2014, so it seemed like the perfect time to sum it all up for y’all. The very first thing the Bros did in San Diego on the final day of Comic-Con was head straight to the legendary Hall H. Through a divine turn of luck the Bros were able to get into the Supernatural panel without having to camp out overnight-the notion of camping out lost its allure after the heartbreak suffered regarding the Lego kits (I know I’m still griping on that, but damn that was messed up). Nevertheless, Sunday started off with a bang as I was able to sit in on the panel I’d been lookin’ forward to more than any other. Got to see a sneak peek of the upcoming season 10 as well as the gag reel that’ll be released on the season 9 box set, so that was pretty sweet. Scope all them handsome Bros from Supernatural and the PROOF we was rockin’ in Hall H.

WP_20140727_001 WP_20140727_010

After this the Bros from Supernatural were doing a signing at the WB booth so we blitzed over to see if we could get in on that action and get our fly TV Guides signed, but no dice-SDCC uses a ticketing system for big panel signings, so it was either camp out in line for an autograph or the panel-but we couldn’t do both. Since that was a bust it was about that time to migrate over to Lego to see if we could score the final #Exclusive minifig offered up at SDCC, which was a Princess Unikitty from The Lego Movie. Again the Lego deities were smilin’ down on your boy and I was able to walk away with one of them slick #Exclusives


After we scored the final elusive #Exclusive Lego had at the Con, it was about that time to hit the floor for one final-run through before callin’ the Con done. Maybe it was just because cash was burning a hole in my pocket, but I decided to hit up the Capcom booth and walk away with some cool swag.

WP_20140728_018 WP_20140728_015

Once we picked up the cool retro figures, it was off to get one of #Exclusive hoodies offered up by Marvel for the Con. Now I had tried to pick up the Star-Lord one on Thursday, but due to a litany of logistical problems Marvel was coping with I hadn’t been able to score it on that day. Swung by there to see if I could grab the slick Captain America one they had for Sunday but they were already sold out. Fortunately I’d been given a ticket for the Star-Lord hoodie, so I was able to finally pick up that bad boy…but truth be told after scoping out Guradians of the Galaxy, I’m dyin’ for a legit Star-Lord leather jacket.


While at the Marvel booth I was also able to pull down a sweet Winter Soldier print-the amount of wall-art I was able to walk away from SDCC with is just absurd!



Not wanting to leave the floor before I’d had my fill since I wouldn’t be able to immerse myself in this perfect pool of #NerdLife for another 360-some odd days, I decided to head over to the OniPress booth to pick up the latest work from Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley himself. Little did I know his latest book Secondswas published by someone else, but not wanting to lose out on any of the awesome swag they had from his earlier work, I picked up an anniversary edition of his book Lost at Sea.

Not too far from the OniPress was the booth where they were showing off a ton of Gundam stuff. Although your boy didn’t pick up any of the #Exclusives (The boxes were huge and suitcase space was beginning to run low), I did pick up one I’d had my eye on for quite some time.



I don’t know if you can tell just yet but the Bros have a thing for vehicle accessories. We sure do love us some key chains, and I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to scoop up a #Exclusive Millennium Falcon or a fly Firefly one.




By this point energy was hard to come by and the exhibition hall floor was absolutely packed, so we decided to check out the Gaslamp to see if we could do the Assassin’s Creed obstacle course. The line wasn’t too long (Although the amount of people outside the convention center was downright crazy so it took what felt like a year and a half to actually make our way to the course) but they were out of free t-shirts, and your Bros don’t do nothin’ for free, so we decided to sit and watch some people tackle it instead of tearin’ it up ourselves.



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