San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up Day: 3, Saturday


The Bros here bringing you everything that went down this past Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con International. After the heartbreak that was Friday morning and coming to grips with the cold realization that actually purchasing the Lego #Exclusives I was after above all else was next to impossible, the Bro decided to catch a few Z’s and not show up to the Con before the crack of dawn. As soon as I hit the floor though, I picked up this fly replica of the Impala from Supernatural-the Bros have had mad love for Supernatural since Day 1, in fact the first two seasons DVDs were constantly on loop during the semester I lived on campus at the University of Texas, so I had to hop on the opportunity to pick up some #Exclusives related to the show.


While on the floor (since I wasn’t about to leave and deal with that madness later in the day) I decided to hit up the Acme booth. Back when SDCC first posted their list of #Exclusives that were going to be available at the show, one particular silkscreen caught my eye above all other things (For the record, the Lego kits weren’t included on this list). The top animated show of all time for your boy M.C has got to be Futurama-hands down, that’s it, end of story. There was no way I was leavin’ San Diego without this gorgeous, glow-in-the-dark beauty (And it was a right pain using this bad boy as a carry on on the flight)



After that it was off to Petco Park to hit up the fly as hell Nerd HQ put on by the Nerd Machine, which housed laser tag themed after Borderlands. That was a time any fan of the series would have loved, and your Bro M.C. was on team Dahl which came away with the ‘W’. A gentleman’s 14 kills for your boy.

WP_20140726_004 Borderlands WP_20140726_007 WP_20140726_012

WP_20140726_010 Moxxi Laser

Also at Nerd HQ was a playable demo of the upcoming Alien: Isolation game. The hands on time with the game felt a little generic-for a Bro that grew up on the Resident Evil series and then eventually migrated over to Dead Space, the slow controls of Alien coupled with bland (hide from the monster) gameplay and whatever-graphics wasn’t too appealing. But we got to play a #Exclusive demo and picked up a swag bag and free comic-not a bad day at Nerd HQ.


All the funds generated at Nerd HQ benefit Operation Smile, so anytime you can throw down some cash for a good cause merits a 1-Up in the Bro book-that being said, your Bro wasn’t able to nab tickets to any of the Conversation for a Cause Panels due to the severe limited availability, and I wasn’t able to get in on the photo op with the #Legend Nathan Fillion-but Nerd HQ was still a fly time, and I walked away with this fly medallion and bracelet just for stopping by and registering.


After Nerd HQ it was about that time for the daily ritual of keepin’ them fingers crossed to see if I could land one of the #Exclusive Lego Minifigs-and I’ve got to admit, today was the day I was lookin’ forward to more than any other. Now your Bros loves some comics, but I’ll be the first to admit I ain’t the most adamant or hardcore of readers. My favorite Batman storyline has got to be “Batman R.I.P”, so when I heard one of the SDCC #Exclusive Lego Minifigs was going to be Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, I damn near lost my marbles. The Lego Gods were feelin’ generous yet again (Probably due to your boy Merlin Chico learnin’ the truth about how rigged the game was for landin’ the #Exclusive kits) and I was able to walk away with the KING of all minifigs.


Feelin’ rejuvenated after walking away with one of the best minifigs the good people of Lego have ever manufactured and picking up the slickest wall décor you could ever want, I decided it was about damn time I decided to actually attend some panels-and it just so happened two of my favorite people in the world were having panels at the Indigo Ballroom just an hour apart. I was able to get some primo seating for “Anything Goes with John Barrowman” and your boy as in awe of the awesome Captain Jack just oozes on a constant basis. While a majority of this panel consisted of Barrowman telling fantastic (see what I did there?) anecdotes-for the record he’d kill the 9th Doctor, marry the 10th and shag the 11th-he also did talk up his becoming a regular on the show ‘Arrow’, which just reiterates that your boy M.C has got to start watchin’ that show soon.


After sleepin’ through the next panel-no disrespect intended whatsoever to those who were speaking, I’d just been runnin’ myself ragged for days straight-it was time for “What’s next with Felicia Day” put on by her Geek and Sundry Channel, and that’s a lady I’d camp out all day to see…although Will Wheaton was there too. It was another fun, informative panel which discussed all the plans for the different series on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel. Truth be told I’ve only watched a handful of episodes (I got mad love for Felicia from the Guild, Eureka and Supernatural) but after hearing the enthusiasm and excitement her and her cohorts expressed, I’m excited to sit down and waste a weekend perusing all the content they’ve got on there.

WP_20140726_020 photo (3)

Maybe it was your Bro gettin’ old, maybe it was the lack of sleep the previous days, but by this point your Bro was worn out. After this (and since I was luggin’ around that fly silkscreen) I decided to call it a day. The next morning held the one Hall H panel your boy wanted to hit up more than any other, so I figured I needed to get some rest before goin’ H.A.M on the last day of SDCC.


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