Bungie’s DESTINY BETA Overview

The days for the Destiny Beta came and went for the four to five days of accessibility. Bungie released a press-release stating that the Beta was open on ALL platforms and that game-codes were no longer needed to play the game. Venturebeat.com stated that after the servers closed from testing that the amount of unique user experience flooded in more than 4.6 million different people for this Beta testing and I was one out of that 4.6 million lucky enough to experience the game.

There were three different Guardian classes in the game including: Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. The warlock is essentially a magician and has powers to blind and use “the force” to push people back during melee attacks. The warlock is more of a mid-range character as opposed to the hunter who works best from afar. There is a direct correlation between the hunter’s ability to shoot and the armor you find on the ground that all help keeping a gun steady and becoming an accurate shot. The titan class, however, is a run and gun type of class. A titans double-jumps are weaker than the other classes, but they make up for it in power and damage taken.


APnote’s Warlock Class


APnote’s Titan Class


APnote’s Hunter Class (Yes, I did play as a girl on my last go-round of the Beta.)


There were four different modes offered in the game: the Tower, Earth, Moon, and the Crucible. The tower was a bazaar for the guardians. It was there that you interacted with specialists of all sorts to upgrade your weapons or vehicles as well as picking up your “bounties” for the day. There were around twenty people in that one tower server left to dance and interact with one another. The Earth and the Moon were the destinations of the missions that were available for the game. It was there where you found the story for the game and in Earth they offered an exploration mode where you can travel the Old Russia map and fight Fallen spawners around the map as well as conducting side missions. The Crucible was home to the multiplayer experience. Most of the games played in crucible were capture-a-territory type matches.

The story in short: Kill the aliens that have populated the Earth with your fellow Guardians.


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