San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up: Thursday, Day 1


Thursday was the first official day of San Diego Comic-Con International, so your boy showed up bright and early to the Convention center-right around 5:00am. Considering I got a majority of the #Exclusives I was chasin’ on Preview Night, the only other thing on my list was the gorgeous Lego kits that were #Exclusive to SDCC. Once the doors opened around 9:00am I blitzed to the Lego booth, but they were already capped-heartbreak ensued… but considering I still had three more days to try for them hard-to-come by Lego sets, I wasn’t about to sweat it. I scoped out the floor and there was a whole lot to see.

Stopped by the Lord of the Rings booth and it was as slick as you imagine it would be. I got intimidated by Azog the Defilier, but who the hell wouldn’t? And Smaug was all over the place-not only sleeping and occasionally opening his eyes at the LOTR booth, but lookin’ bad as hell (See, IN LEGO FORM) at the WB booth.



Lego Smaug

Speakin’ of the WB Booth, I stopped by there and scooped up some #Exclusive TV Guides they were handing out with special covers, and they are lookin’ smooth. #Swoon over the Bros from Supernatural like your boy Chico always does.

WP_20140728_038 WP_20140728_035

After running through the mad house that was the convention center floor, I decided to camp out and try to get the one #Exclusive I had a 50/50 chance of pulling in, the Lego Minifigs that are available ONLY at SDCC through a random raffle. Needless to say Lady Luck was smiling down on your boy Merlin Chico, and I was able to walk away with an #Exclusive Bard the Bowman Minifig from the Hobbit. Since I still had three days to try and pull down the #Exclusive to end all #Exclusives- the Lego Rocket Raccoon and Vintage Batmobile- I figured the Bowman was a pretty damn sweet consolation prize. Ain’t no way any Lego collector gonna turn away #Exclusive Minifigs.


After being exhausted from camping for all them #Exclusives for a solid 8 hours, I decided to grab some #BroFuel at the Ascension Café put on by the Syfy Channel. Every year Syfy takes over a restaurant and fashions it after one of their shows, and this year they decided to deck it out in Ascension gear-a new show that’s coming out this fall, and I’m going to scope it just because this place was fly as hell.

Ascension Day 1 Ascension Day 1-2 WP_20140725_007

After relaxin’ and enjoying all the goods the Ascension Café had to offer, I decided to huff it over to the Xbox Lounge to scope out what they had on display. There was a ton of Halo, some Evolve and a baddd collection of Xbones you had to snap a pic of, tweet and hopefully win. Unfortunately your TruBros didn’t walk away with a complimentary Xbone, but we still got some sweet pictures and had a ballin’ time at the Xbox Lounge.

IMG_8022 WP_20140724_034 WP_20140724_033 Twitterc56e256_jpg WP_20140724_031 Twitterd9120d4_jpg

After spendin’ some time tryin’ to win an Xbone and checking out a demo of Dragon Age Inquisition, still ridin’ high off the success from attaining the #Exclusive minifig , I decided to press my luck at the Pixels lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel. Pixels is a movie comin’ out next year starring Adam Sandler (The premise sounds pretty sweet if you askin’ the opinion of your humble TruBros), and they were holding a daily contest to see who could rack up a high score on a set of vintage games-the winner of which walked away with a PS4. I tried, butdamn I couldn’t pull in no high score. Overheard at Pixels: “Mommy, this game doesn’t make any sense. Where’s your gun? What’s the point?” The kid was playin’ Asteroids…damn, your Bros is gettin’ old.

Pixels WP_20140724_022 WP_20140724_024

By this point, the early morning was beginning to take its toll on a Bro. Not wantin’ to get deterred, I decided to check out the Petco Park Interactive Zone. There was a whole lot to do, but I wanted to scope out the Adult Swim Funhouse…but it was a disorganized mess with a convoluted system to enter (Tickets, requiring registration of personal info which your boy ain’t fond of, and not to mention no one knowing if we had to register or get tickets first…and this includes those workin’ the event), so your Bro just opted to take some fly pix of the structures and the Mooninites that were chillin’ around.

Meatwad Mooninite WP_20140723_021

After this the lack of sleep was really catching up to a Bro. I decided to book it back to the hotel, grab some Z’s for two hours before comin’ out and campin’ overnight to get those damn Legos-I figured if I was there all night and only a handful of people were in front of me, no way I’d leave San Diego without the SDCC Lego #Exclusive sets coming home to sit in my office. So I called it a day and went and grabbed two hours of sleep before returning for Day 2….




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