San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-up Day: 2, Friday

I can’t even give you a solid “WHAT UP INTERNET” as I reflect upon everything that happened this past Friday at Comic-Con. My Bros, your boy showed up to the convention center around two in the early morning Friday and braved the cold, boring asphalt for one reason and one reason alone: #Exclusives. To be specific I was after the Lego sets-the Rocket Raccoon and the Batmobile. That was it. Those were at the top of my list and there were only a handful of people in front of me, and all of them were jabbering on about Hasbro and Bandai. Your boy figured he had it made. Scope the pic of the beautiful scenery that your boy took during a stroll to stretch his legs before the sun had even bothered to roll out of bed.


I waited a solid six hours to get into the convention center and then another 1 or so to hit the floor, and hopes were high since I was going to be one of the first people out. Your boy walked as fast as his legs could muster (Surprisingly quick considering fatigue, the lack of food and sittin’ for hours) and went straight to the Lego booth….only to find it capped. CAPPED, when I was one of the first 100 people to hit the floor and they have at the bare minimum 250 to sell each day of the Con, and I saw with me own two eyes half the people in front of me head to Hasbro and Marvel. HOW could the line have been capped you may ask- the litany of people who are on the floor before the regular attendees packed the line. Vendors, Exhibitors, their assistants….you name it. Your Bros are all about playin’ the game but not when the game is rigged. That was some low-down stuff and was easily the biggest Buzzkill of San Diego Comic-Con for your Bros. The Lego booth still had some cool stuff around, but not being able to get my hands on any of those #Exclusives for my collection due to them cheats/hax was all types of whack.



After gettin’ me lil’ heart broke in two, I hit up the Square Enix booth to check out all the good stuff they had, and your Bro was in awe of all the statues they had on display/up for sale. In order to manage the funds best, I just walked away with a stuffed Tonberry King for the sis. We’re old school, so you know I could’ve cleaned out that booth if I had the spare paper on me.

IMG_8073 IMG_8074 Tonberry

Since by this point I had been without food for way too damn long, I decided to hit up the Ascension Café yet again for a bit of that #BroFuel since the place was so swag. The food was good and was perfect for setting up the second half of the day.

IMG_8079 WP_20140725_012

Right next door to the Ascension café at the Hard Rock Hotel was a Batman exhibit showing off a variety of different cowls that had been styled (Or DESECRATED if you’re a hardcore fan like your boy M.C) by different artists. The phone was dead (My bad, Bros) so I didn’t get any fly pictures of the exhibit itself, but they were giving away limited-edition lithographs to the first visitors, so I did pick up some fly new wall décor that’ll be going up soon.

BatmanLithograph BatmanLithograph1

After scoring the prints it was about that time to go wait and press my luck again at the Lego raffle for the #Exclusive Minifig of the day, the Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy. The Lego Gods must’ve been smiling down on your boy after he learned the #Exclusives game was rigged against the regular Comic-Con folk, because yet again I walked away with another Minifig for the collection.


The floor was packed as usual, but I did take some time to scope out all the different booths. Swung by DC after charging the phone to feel in awe of the Bat himself-who doesn’t love the Batsuit?

WP_20140724_013 WP_20140724_014

After that I decided to check out both the Image Comics booth and the Walking Dead one, which allowed your boy to pose with a walker and stroll through Terminus-shudder at the thought, Bros. It was as creepy as you’d expect.

Image IMG_8124 WP_20140725_024

Marvel was just a stone’s throw away from Image, so I gazed upon all the bad stuff they had and got to take a pic with the Guardians of the Galaxy. At the Marvel panel they announced the sequel to Guardians, and if you ask the humble opinion of your TruBros they found another member already-I’ll be waitin’ for a call from the producers.

IMG_7954 IMG_7955 l_img1654

By this point the crowds and fatigue was beginning to take its toll on your boy. Needing to clear my head I decided to take a short walk over to the Nintendo Lounge and throw down on the up and coming Super Smash Bros. They were also showing off Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and all three of them made your Bro want to tell Nintendo “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.” They were also having a Smash Bros tournament, but your boy couldn’t come out on top. Still, the lounge was sweet and getting some hands on time with the slew of hotly anticipated upcoming titles was definitely a 1-Up.

Nintendo NintendoSmash Hyrule

I scooped up some #Exclusives, got some good pix and got to play some of the hottest Nintendo games on the horizon…but running on three hours of sleep meant not even a handful of 5-hour energy shots could keep your boy chugging along. I’d been craving crab cakes ever since I knew I was going to be fortunate enough to make the pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic-Con, so I swung by the Crab Cakes 911 food truck and devoured the best #BroFuel I’d ever had. Sorry for the lack of pix of the goods, but they were not meant to be photographed; just devoured.


Friday was a long, good day, but there were still two full days of Comic-Con remaining and your boy had to maximize all the time there he could. I wrapped things up after the crab cakes and had to go catch some of them elusive Z’s. A fun filled weekend still remained, and I hadn’t even hit up any panels yet!


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