San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up: Preview Night


This past week your TruBros were fortunate enough to hit up the Con of all Cons, the Grandaddy of ‘em all-San Diego Comic Con International 2014. We don a whole lot of tweetin’ during the Con, because the prospect of lugging out the laptop and giving an in-depth recap each day just seemed a lil’ too daunting. But now we’re back in the Lone Star State-we’re sunburned, broke, exhausted and muscles are sore we didn’t even now we had. We’re here to sum up what the TruBros did each and every day at the big Con. Let’s start with Wednesday, July 23rd, which was Preview night. Check the sights from the plane as we landed in SD.




It takes a real bro to admit when they’re intimidated, and between panels, outside activites, the plethora of #Exclusives up for grabs and the sheer amount of junk going down in and around the convention center, the Bros was a lil’ overwhelmed. We did our best to plan each day loosely, since we knew the length of lines and the amount of info flooding through Twitter may have changed our plans on a dime. For preview night we figured we’d grab a majority of the #Exclusives on our list, scout out the area around the Convention Center and the Gaslamp Quarter to get our bearings. That was mistake #1 your Bros made.


We showed up to the Convention center around 10:00am and man was it gorgeous. First thing we noticed was the line outside to get in the doors and pick up the badges was already gettin’ long, so we grabbed some #BroFuel at SBux and then hopped in line.



We picked up them golden badges and a lil’ complementary swag and then waited a solid 6 hours to finally hit the mythical floor. (You seein’ a trend beginning to develop here? Seems the number one thing you do at Comic-Con is wait).


Now the TruBros been chasin’ them #Exclusives since Day 1. Your boy Merlin Chico has had an affinity for them Legos for as long as he can remember, but them Legos are hard to come by when you’ve got at least 130K people vying for ‘em as well (There will be more on that in a later post). So we figured on Preview night we’d scoop up all the goods we wanted-at least the ones we figured not everyone would be clamoring for. Scope the swag haul from day one (Disclaimer: If you know the TruBros on a personal level, odds are you’ll be receiving some of these #Exclusives for an upcoming b-day or holiday. We do our shopping during Comic-Con now).

One of the best adventures on the good ol’ PS2 according to your Bros is Kingdom Hearts. We HAD to pick up some of these bad boys ASAP.



Now the TruBros would be the first to admit-we may not have the slickest rides rollin’ through town, but we gua-ran-damn-tee we have the hottest mats and key chains.



Truth is, your TruBros ain’t the youngest guns around, so we’ve been harboring some mad love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since we first saw the movies on VHS back in the day. There was no way we were leavin’ SDCC without some #Exclusives for TMNT. Ain’t that logo just a thing of beauty?



Everyone’s got a personal list of top series in gaming-who don’? At the tippity top of that list for your boy Merlin Chico has got to be Mass Effect. There was absolutely no way in hell the TruBros were leavin’ SDCC without an #Exclusive reppin’ Commander Shepard and the Normandy.


When your boy M.C. was a youngin’ one of his favorite movies was Nightmare before Christmas. So much so the day the DVD came out, the Moms bought for me. The day the Blu-ray came out, the sis bought for me. I’ve a Bro-ette who loves the movie as much as I do, and I picked these up for her b-day coming up in some months.


When your boys first made they list about what #Exclusives to pull down from San Diego Comic Con, at the top of that list (Right under Lego, that is) was the Doctor Who vinyls made by Titan. They said they had an #Exclusive 11thDoctor; you know we picked ‘em up. I picked up one for the Moms and one to trade later (Since my collection of Doctors ain’t complete, and I figure I gotta have something to trade)


The very last thing your boy M.C. picked up on preview night was this coin bank of Thanos. Now WHY you may ask, would Merlin Chico pick this up when it ain’t #Exclusive and isn’t exactly the coolest thing he’s ever seen? Well, the fam asked for it, and Chico always gets what’s on the list.


After the swag haul was said and done, we stopped for some #BroFuel at a fancy restaurant in the Gaslamp quarter called the Old Spaghetti Factory. Food was alright but the digs were swanky. Scope the meal your boy M.C. had.


Although the Bros didn’t get to scout out the area around the Convention center, we did grab a majority of the stuff on our list except for them HARDCORE #Exclusives , so all in all we considered Preview Night to be a resounding success. Although truth be told, things didn’t really kick off in earnest until Thursday.


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