SGC 2014 Panel Spotlight: #NintendoChamp



Alright Bros, as y’all know the TruBros hit up SGC 2014 this past weekend. The biggest 1-up of ‘em all for your boy MerlinChico had to be the last panel we attended Saturday night titled “Powerfest: The Champ Looks Back at the Nintendo World Championships 1990.” This panel was moderated by Patrick Scott Peterson and featured the man who was literally one of the top three gamers in the world in 1990, the #NintendoChamp -and the last one, might I add- Thor Aackerlund. Don’t know what the Nintendo World Championships were? Damn, you making your Bros feel old again. Go look it up, it’s real important to Video Game History. Now when your boys hit up this panel, we didn’t know what to think considering the room was exactly filled to the brim; however your Bros got an in-depth retrospective regarding one of the most significant events in the history of video games and some insight into the origins of competitive gaming.

Pic from @OriginalPsp on Twitter

You mention “Nintendo World Championships” to any 8-bit gamer worth his salt and immediately they’ll start askin’ you about them cartridges-those bad boys are rare and worth more coin than Mario could ever pick up in a speed run through the Mushroom Kingdom, and YES, Thor still has his cartridge, locked up and out of sight. But what about the competition itself? It’s not exactly something that gets discussed too much in the modern age, although it’s not much of a stretch to say that things like Iron Gaming, MLG and any other number of legit gaming competitions wouldn’t exist had it not been for the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. Basically, the competition was a massive tour that traveled all over the country where gamers competed for the right to be called the #NintendoChamp (For the record, that’s not what winners were really called-your Bros just think that’s a boss title).

The #RealBro Patrick Scott Peterson admitted he participated in one of the early stops of the tournament but fizzled out-can you blame the guy? These were practicing and participating in a skills tournament before stuff like that became commonplace; couple that with their age and a litany of personal issues and it’s a wonder anyone’d be able to persevere. Anyway, Thor fought his way to the top and won, effectively becoming one of the three best gamers in the world.

Granted, competitive gaming wasn’t as big then as it is now (due in no small part to the advent of the ‘net), anyone that was playin’ games in 1990 was playin’ on a Nintendo Entertainment System, so winnin’ it all was a pretty damn boss accomplishment. The #NintendoChamp and #TruBro PsP briefly mentioned what it would mean if Nintendo decided to institute the concept of the Nintendo World Championships again today, and this was a prospect that had the #TruBros just dreaming: Imagine a 20 city tour across the United States for the Nintendo World Championships today-in the era of the internet, Twitter, Twitch and MLG. You’ve got to embrace the past, something Nintendo has always done an admirable job of-and the Nintendo World Championships damn near started the trend of competitive gaming. A few rounds of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros and maybe some Mario Golf or Mario Party….throw in some previews of what’s up and coming for the Wii U, 3DS or even the Virtual Console, and you’ve got a veritable goldmine on your hands where all the attention is strictly on Nintendo, without Sony or Microsoft crowding your space. You’d also get rid of some of the stigma attached to ‘big name companies’. Maybe have a little section showing off some retro-games….it’d work, Bro. Embrace competitive gaming, and remind everyone and their mother that Nintendo started that trend just like they started damn near everything else in gaming. And don’t forget the champ, Thor: the guy was better than everyone else, and he’s a big part of Nintendo’s history-even if they’re actions don’t acknowledge him as such.

SGC 2014 was a real good time, and the biggest 1-up for your boy MerlinChico came when we got to take some time and chat with the #NintendoChamp Thor and the #RealDeal PsP. Maybe one day Nintendo will come to their senses and reach out to their champ and give him the credit he deserves-the dude was (and probably still is) better than the TruBros and better than all y’all ever could be at Tetris. Hook him up with an appearance when Nintendo decides to finally go balls to the wall and start up the Nintendo World Championships again, and show a little love to the guy who was literally the best in the world. Don’t forget your roots, Nintendo. Y’all stay strong and keep chasin’ them #Exclusives.



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