SGC 2014 Panel Rundown

Keiji Inafune Q&A
Keiji Inafune Q&A

The SGC 2014 guest of honor was the co-creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune. Inafune held a panel and took questions from the audience about Mega Man and the recent Kickstarter for the currently-in-development ‘Mighty No. 9’. Nothing was off limits during the Q&A. The audience asked questions concerning the state of Japanese games and why they “sucked”, to which he answered, “Most people who want to work on video games work for the big name companies, like Capcom, and don’t take the risk of using their own creativity to create something new at a lower budget. They just fall to what Capcom envisions.”  Inafune also expressed that he’s saddened by Capcom’s lack of effort regarding the the Mega Man franchise. He lamented that it’s unfortunate to see something he put so much effort in shelved. The Bro Inafune did express that he was happy to see Mega Man in the recent installment of Super Smash Bros, and mentioned that he’s been waiting for Mega Man since the first Smash game. Safe to say anyone that ever played Marvel Vs. Capcom shared that particular sentiment with the Bro Inafune.

The crowd respected Keiji Inafune and his work, and how the hell could you not considering the Bro’s contributions to the history of video games? Inafune also took time to thank the fans for all their feedback for Mighty No. 9, and when the panel wrapped the crowd stood up and applauded.

Pat The NES Punk & Play The Punk Challenge!
Pat The NES Punk & Play The Punk Challenge!

Pat Contri hosted his own panel at SGC 2014 and it was easily one of the 1-ups of the convention. He started off with a brief Q&A that ended up being a mini version of a podcast episode he co-stars in with his pal Ian Ferguson. Pat called Ian on his iphone, held the phone to the mic and there was a discussion on whatever the audience asked. The audience was a knowledgeable group of people as opposed to some of the other panels where the questions were less sophisticated . Pat went on to show an exclusive Flea Market Madness episode, a series he co-stars in with another buddy of his, Frank. After the episode, Pat called Frank on the phone for a brief discussion on Frank, well, essentially just being Frank. Pat ended his panel with a gaming challenge where he picked three members of the audience to play pre-selected games against him. Pat was two-of-three in the challenge and the person who was able to beat him got a Pat The NES Punk Season DVD set-pretty sweet swag haul for beating the Punk!

10 Years of Cinemassacre & The Angry Video Game Nerd

The Angry Video Game Nerd has been a staple in online video game reviewing and has influenced many a YouTuber, your humble TruBros included. James Rolfe held his panel with his producer Mike Matei (aka Mother Fucker Mike) and they hosted a Q&A session with the audience. However, before they got to answering questions, Craig Skistimas- creator of ScrewAttack- presented Rolfe with an award. The plaque thanked Rolfe for his contributions over the the past ten years. The audience gave a standing ovation to the Nerd. Rolfe then presented an exclusive second trailer to The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie before beginning his Q&A. The audience asked basic questions such as how Rolfe and Matei met, to the worst game the pair had ever played, but the question that left the pair in a standstill was a “if you could describe your shit, which shit game would it be?” This inquiry was essentially asking the Nerd to compare his defecating experience to a crappy game. Once Rolfe figured out what the audience member was asking, he went on to describe that Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was like farting in a pool of water and smelling the fart that traveled up from below water. It wouldn’t be an AVGN panel without a little poop-talk.

SGC 2014 hosted a Bro-tastic event in Dallas. The convention is still in its infancy, which meant the everything and everyone was easily accessible. Guests (The Bros Pat, Inafune and AVGN, among others) roamed the floors like everyone else, all the while posing for photos and signing merchandise. Thank you to the people of SGC for the great experience.


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