RTX 2014 Wrap-Up – The Buzz Kills

Rooster Teeth hosted its annual RTX convention in Austin, Texas this past weekend, July 4-6, 2014. We wanted to bring you some of what we thought were the biggest buzz kills from the convention as we wrap up this past weekend’s events.

Let’s start off with our first buzz kill- the Austin Convention Center closing its doors early due to an emergency evacuation. This caused the rest of the day’s festivities to be cancelled and left a crazy amount of people wandering the sidewalks looking for answers. You can’t help but feel bad for the people who bought the single day Friday badges. Rooster Teeth did reschedule the rest of Friday’s events for other days, so big kudos to them for being able to work on the fly.


The final buzz kill-Grifball: The Get Hammered panel was sponsored by GrifballHub. The group of three began the panel with user submitted highlight reels of Grifball matches and amazing plays that got everyone pumped up. The three panelists gave their personal introductions through which we learned they were essentially just a website that created Grifball teams for anyone that wanted to join one of their three leagues. Unfortunately, they had no outline of what they wanted to present and summed up what they do by saying that they “Look at user submitted Grifball maps and submit them to Bungie/343 Industries to put them in the game.” They proceeded to acknowledge some of the MLG Grifball members in the crowd and awkwardly opened the floor for Q&A. The panel was just a formal version of the booth they had downstairs in the exhibition hall. They did have a great booth with Xbox 360’s set up to play Grifball, but the panel was unorganized and awkwardly off the cuff-not exactly the kind of exclusive information you seek out when you attend a panel.

Don’t get it twisted though-these buzz kills paled in comparison to the many highlights that RTX 2014 provided.


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