RTX 2014 Wrap-Up – The Best Experiences

To continue with our RTX wrap-up, lets take a look at our best moments.


I recently read a WIRED article about the PC game DayZ titled “Why Online Games Make Players Act like Psychopaths” by Ryan Rigney. The article discussed the morality of the game and how social experiments are conducted in-game. I soon found out RTX was a destination for a panel hosted by one of the game’s producers, Brian Hicks. Disclaimer: I’ve never played DayZ, I’ve only read the WIRED article and watched some YouTube videos of gameplay. The DayZ: The Road So Far panel explained how the game came to be and the evolution of the title since its inception. Hicks explained the company wasn’t expecting to sell over 2 million copies of DayZ, and users now play an integral role as far as patching glitches and determining their own methods of interacting with one another. Hicks also explained that he sees the online users as team members, and even though the game is not without its flaws, it’s best to show patience and understanding considering they are still a small company, and everyone that works on the game fills multiple production roles. This was a great calm one-on-one setting for a panel, and provided a unique perspective to fans of the title (And those that have only read about it and watched videos of gameplay).


Another highlight of the convention was the Achievement Hunter: GTAV panel held in the main floor exhibition hall. The Rooster Teeth crew consisting of Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Ray sat on a stage in front of their monitors and had their gameplay projected on a large screen behind them for the audience’s benefit. The crew set out to plan a heist in-game; Gavin played to the audience with his in-game taunts while Michael gave his signature witty remarks on silly in-game actions. The crew was hilarious, and the crowd went crazy when they made things go boom.

The crew continued the comedy on Sunday with Minecraft. They played a custom game called ‘Capture the Tower’ that is very similar to capture the flag. The crew’s game chemistry is always great, whether your watching their videos or seeing them play live.


Overall, our experience at RTX 2014 was great. We’d recommend everyone who wants to go to RTX do so without hesitation. The Rooster Teeth community is very welcoming no matter what you like or how weird you think you may be. There’s room for everyone at RTX. Rooster Teeth presented a lot of exclusive content in their panels from never before seen clips of Red vs Blue to RWBY, and 343 Industries with their own exclusive booth to showcase the Halo 2 Anniversary package.

Thank you Rooster Teeth for the great experience, and you can bet the Bros will be back next year 😉


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