One of the highlights of RTX was getting a sneak peek at the latest and greatest entry in the Halo Saga, The Master Chief Collection. This bad boy celebrates all things Master Chief (A TruBro if there ever was one) and contains re-mastered anniversary editions of Halo 1 and 2, as well as Halo 3 and 4.


At RTX, 343 Industries (Who come on, let’s admit-we were all concerned about them taking over the reins of our beloved bro-centric franchise, but they’ve done a solid job) was kind enough to do a brief showcase of some of the #Exclusive Halo 2 anniversary content, including campaign and multi-player.

Much of the presentation was focused on the campaign(s), with one of the baddest features bound to be the inclusion of playlists allowing you to relieve some of the most memorable moments from Halo history without all the stuff you didn’t dig. Want to play vehicle segments exclusively from Halo 1, 2 3 and 4? 343’s tossing in a playlist just for you. You like your boy MerlinChico and always get a lil’ nostalgic for the grand finales from each of the games? That’s another playlist. Prefer to be old-school and replay every.single.mission.from.every.single.game? Your appetite will be sated. The bros over at 343 also mentioned that the Master Chief collection will boast 4K worth of Gamerscore, so even the most prudent of achievement hunters should have their hands full for a while.

Now if you’re like you boy MerlinChico, you love you some multiplayer. If anything, Halo 2 was the game that got me into playing online in the first place. While the ranking system was kept under wraps (Can’t blame the bros there), we did get a few interesting tidbits of info. While Halo 2’s re-mastered multiplayer is the focal point of the Master Chief collection, 343 did state that over 100 maps will be present, so you won’t just be limited to old favorites like Zanzibar and Hang Em’ High. During the panel they also provided a look at Ascension, which had some minor tweaks and upgrades to it such as the inclusion of a massive shield in the center of the map, (so NO MORE CAMPING around the pylons) which is bound to pique the interest of the old Halo faithful while keeping things fresh for the new-blood who never got to experience Halo-fueled sleepless nights. The addition of a Gungoose (mongoose with a mounted gun on it) means there’s some throwdowns justwaiting to happen in matchmaking.

Forge is present and accounted for, and while it appears there’s no cross-game weaponry mixing (Sorry those of you wishing to wield the Halo PC flamethrower and the Halo 4 assault rifle), there’s going to be a dearth of tools at your disposal. We were repeatedly assured that all of the classic multiplayer experiences will play just like you remember as of the last patches for each title. Matchmaking also includes the usual game types (Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, etc) with the added caveat that your map options will feature choices from each of the Halo titles, so don’t be surprised if for one Team Slayer match your choices include Halo’s Hang ‘Em High (Can you tell I dug that map?), Halo 2’s Zanzibar (Your Bro has his favorites too, you know), and Halo 3’s Valhalla. Options are beautiful, but there’s no doubt some of us are just going to want to dive in and play multiplayer matches on Halo 2 maps exclusively-there’s also an option for that.

343 also showed off a teaser trailer for the beloved Terminals that are making a return, and it appears we’re finally going to get a great in-depth look at the Arbiter, Bro to our TruBro Master Chief. Getting some back story through the Terminals we all know and remember is going to make the hunt for those bad boys enticing to say the least. The ability to switch between the original graphics and the updated look debuted during Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be coming back, and damn I gotta say Halo 2 is going to look a whole hell of a lot better when it drops on Xbone than it did when it came out on the original big, black box. Scope the trailer we saw here

Now for obvious reasons the bros at 343 didn’t want any photos or video of their exclusive showing of Halo: The Master Chief collection, but they did hook up all those in attendance with an #Exclusive Mega Bloks, and he sure be looking swag. You know your boys be chasin’ them exclusives. Also got the proof they didn’t want us taking pix or video during the presentation:



Back in the early part of high school (Damn, your Bro is getting’ old) I picked up my shiny metal case copy of Halo 2 at midnight and spent countless hours plowing through the campaign and getting to know the world through online play. I’ve got plenty of memories bonding with my boys (and my girls) over the black Xbox controller, and it certainly looks like when Halo: The Master Chief Collection drops later this year, I’ll be reliving those memories while building some new ones. We all finished the fight once, now it’s time to relive it. Stay strong and keep chasin’ them #Exclusives bros.



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