This past weekend your TruBros hit up RoosterTeeth’s RTX 2014 in Austin and we’re here to tell you about all the swag we experienced. We played some games, scrounged up some #Exclusives, saw a couple peeks of what’s on the horizon in the world of gaming and picked up swag. Let your bros sum up for you what went down.


First thing your boys did soon as we broke in the door was throwdown with a nice lady on Battleblock Theater, arcade-style. The Behemoth was in the house and wanted to see what your boys were capable of, and needless to say a little 2v1 meant the TruBros were scoring a safe and secure victory. We also took a pic with the cupcake-teaser for their next project. Safe to say your TruBros roll hard when we roll with culinary confections. Playable arcade-style versions of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers were also present to make sure anybody that scoped the cupcake was aware of the high bar the Behemoth has set thus far, so we KNOW the cupcake project is gonna be solid.


Then just for kicks, just for the hell of it, just for old time’s sake and just because your Bros love them some Halo, we threw down a game on Griffball. Your boy APnote was MVP, and even though the TruBros were outnumbered 3-2, we still took them to town and came away with the ‘W’. At the end of the day, ain’t that all that matters?


Spotted @ RTX: Mega Bloks Mantis. You put my #Exclusive Mega Bloks Spartan in that bad boy and you can bet he’d wreck all day. Considering we got such mad love for Halo, we’ll devote a separate post just to all the good stuff we learned in the preview we scoped of The Master Chief Collection.  Check it here



We watched some people play Destiny (Damn that game looks clean), saw some Halo, sat in on a panel with the cool kids at The Know, checked a panel on our favorite non-team slayer game Griffball and rounded out the evening watching the cool bros at RoosterTeeth play them some Minecraft on the big screen. It was a solid time, and your TruBros done RTX as hard as they could. We’ve got plenty of events on the horizon, and you can bet your bros will keep you up to date with all the happenings. Stay strong and keep chasin’ them #Exclusives bros.




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